Friday, June 20, 2014

Art: 5 Various Media by Darlene Kuhne of Arvada, CO


Gesso base over oil and acrylic. Scrape thru to the layers-Finish with charcoal, mixed media washes on paper. This painting...[more]


Be SeatedBe Seated
Acrylic, Gesso wash on paper with mixed media. Scraped thru the acrylic & gesso to show the layering process....[more]


Geometric ConstructionGeometric Construction
2 Ink figure drawings using the construction of the figure and folds with geometric shapes. Contour line over all....[more]


Figure drawn with rust conte and a red acrylic background. Painted on canvas with geometric shapes and contour line....[more]


The Forest is AliveThe Forest is Alive
The tree is a dancing figure-painted with acrylic and metallic on canvas with many arms....[more]



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